Thanks Photobucket!!!???

After many years of offering free service, Photobucket has decided to tell all their customers that they will now have to pay $399/year in order to have their photos embedded online. There are also less expensive packages that allow customers to simply store the pictures. I forget the pricing levels, but you can look it up.

I don’t have an issue with paying for photo storage. I don’t have an issue with paying for things I need. I do have a problem, however, with dishonesty. Photobucket did this overnight, and they simply forced millions of members to lose photos they saved for years. As far as hosting/embedding, $399 is simply criminal and unheard of in the industry. Clearly, some of the larger clients (websites) will have no choice but to pay the fee. Not me.

Please pardon the dust on my website as I begin to look elsewhere for options, even paid ones. Thanks for your continued support.


10 Commentsto Thanks Photobucket!!!???

  1. Valentina H. says:

    I heard about this change, online. Seems like a pretty shady company.

    • NoCarbsNoSugar says:

      Used them for years.
      Wasn’t going to mind paying, if they did it right.
      Don’t like being forced to pay.
      So… goodbye 😀

  2. Exibit A says:

    Photobucket got into some very questionable behaviors this year. I wonder how many customers are actually staying and paying the ridiculous fees.

  3. Stop At The White Line says:

    Photobucket… I wonder if they’ll be able to stay in business.

  4. Alan Jackson fan says:

    Never heard of them.

  5. Color Me Angry says:

    Photobucket stinks.
    They got millions of customers at first, offered free packages, and then hijacked all their photos, asking for $400/year in order to allow them to still share them anywhere online.

    • NoCarbsNoSugar says:

      That was the main problem people had with them. Not the paid part, because most people will pay for things they need, but the fact that the paid services were thrown in without any headsup, and also the fact that embed services went from $0 to $400/year. Yup, in one day.

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