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Fit Crunch Bars & Brownies

A few days ago I purchased 4 FIT Crunch Bars (4 flavors) and 4 FIT Crunch Brownies (2 flavors). I had all bars at room temperature, and I had 2 of the the cookies at room temperature and 2 of them microwaved. The wrapper suggests the brownies are microwaved for ten seconds. Here is the entire lot I bought. It took me about a week to go through it.

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Shakin’ & Bakin’ with NutraBio

A little while ago I was lucky enough to receive a full tub of NutraBio Grass Fed Whey Isolate. A big Thank You to team NutraBio for sending this out. Here is a detailed review of this product after having gone through the entire tub.

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MuscleTech Protein Cookies: 3 Flavors

Last week I placed an order for MuscleTech’s Protein Cookies.
I had never tried these before.
I ordered 12 cookies, in 3 different flavors:

• Peanut Butter Chip
• Chocolate Chip
• Triple Chocolate

First, pictures.

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Dymatize Elite Casein Recipe

I don’t know what to call this 🙂
It is not a pancake, because Casein doesn’t really hold together in a frying pan the same way other protein powders do. I just called it a “Dymatize Concoction” 🙂 Read the Rest…

Pure Protein Bars

I have never tried this brand of protein bars before, until now. Here is some information about the three flavors I just bought today. How many did I buy? Where?

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Frozen Protein Bars
Champion Performance
Pure Whey Plus

Haven’t made this recipe in a while. It is one of the easiest things you can do with protein powder.
Go on, give it a try…

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FitJoy Bars Variety Pack

Last week I purchased the protein bars variety pack from FitJoy Nutrition.

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Allmax Nutrition Goodies

I came home the other day to a box of goodies from Follow along as I go through each item and share my thoughts and impressions. Read the Rest…

Bhu Fit Protein Bars

Have you seen the new BhuFit protein bars? Bhu Foods offers no less than TEN delicious varieties. In this article, I provide an introduction of the company and its offerings, a presentation of each individual bar, along with detailed photos. Read the Rest…

NEW From Dymatize
ISO100 Clear

Dymatize has just introduced the new ISO100 Clear Protein Drink. Read the Rest…