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REVIEWS: Controlled Labs Classic White Flood & more

A couple weeks ago, CONTROLLED LABS sent me a tub of the Classic White Flood, along with a few samples. Here are some honest reviews on these, after having used them for a few days. Thank you for sending these out!

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Dymatize – New Pre

I was lucky enough to be selected to try the new Pre from Dymatize. Follow along for a few days as I provide some feedback on this product. Read the Rest…

1 Hour of Running…???

A new study published by New York Times says that running to 1 hour may add as much as SEVEN HOURS to your lifespan. Overall, the study found that individuals that run on a regular basis may increase their lifespan by at least three years. Read the Rest…

Spring 2017 Cut













It is time! Time for a cut, that is. I spent two months doing a bit of a bulk, and I overshot by a few lbs, so it is time to trim down again. Follow along as I share my diet, exercise program, and supplementation during this cut. Read the Rest…

SciVation Supplements

Have you used SciVation supplements before? I’ve seen them around but have not used them until now. I placed two back-to-back orders last week, and in combination with a promotional gift from the SciVation team, I’ve ended up with a shelf-full of new products.

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20,000 Push-ups In 2017

Back in 2015 when I started on this journey to transform my body, I tried to do some push-ups one evening. I cannot recall the exact number of push-ups I was able to do that evening, but I know for sure that none of them were actual push-ups, because I was not able – mentally or physically – to complete even one full rep… so I did a few sets of standing (wall) push-ups. Read the Rest…

Workout Log with Alpha Cuts
from Alpha Pro Nutrition®

Workout Log with Alpha Cuts from Alpha Pro Nutrition®
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Workout Routines Update

I have recently updated my workout routines throughout the week. Since I started lifting again last week, lots of experimenting and tweaking had to be done. I have somewhat of a stable routine now, but I will most likely make more changes to it in the weeks to come. As of now, it looks like this:

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New Exercise Program
January 2016

Starting this week, I am making some changes to my exercise program/routine. I am going to experiment with a mixture of body-weight exercises and dumbbell exercises.

For many months now, I followed a body-weight exercise routine on Mon-Wed-Fri, with some occasional outdoor cardio mixed in. I will now try to do the following:

Monday: Dumbbell Routine
Wednesday: Body-Weight Routine
Friday: Dumbbell Routine

My Dumbbell routine will look like this:

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Biggest Loser Season 17
Premieres Tonight

Season 17 of the Biggest Loser show will open tonight on NBC. I’ve been watching this show for 3-4 years now, and it will be the first time that I watch it… SKINNY 🙂

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