REVIEWS: Controlled Labs Classic White Flood & more

A couple weeks ago, CONTROLLED LABS sent me a tub of the Classic White Flood, along with a few samples. Here are some honest reviews on these, after having used them for a few days. Thank you for sending these out!

White Flood Classic
Electric Lemonade

Supplement Facts Per 1 Scoop
Potassium: 20mg
Folate: 250mcg
Selenium: 100mcg
L-Arginine: 2200mg
L-Ornithine: 800mg
Beta Alanine: 1700mg
L-Tyrosine: 700mg
Caffeine Anhydrous: 250mg

I usually don’t care about how a supplement smells. I have to say that upon opening this tub, there was an unusual, peculiar smell, a medicine-like smell, almost like some sort of an antibiotic. When mixed in water, the smell was a bit improved, with a good hint of lemon, but the smell was still there. I don’t know if this is just my tub.

I think it is important to put this preworkout in the right perspective before assessing it – I think it is important to keep in mjnd that the formula used here is an old one. I wasn’t around the weightlifting scene when this formula was initially introduced, but it is clear to me that preworkouts today have come a long way. I feel it is fair to assess this pre for what it really is, without comparing it too much to today’s preworkout standards. My understanding is that the company is bringing this back for a limited time, simply for nostalgic purposes.

Here’s how I would rate this product, based on my own experience:

TASTE: 8/10
There is a good hint of lemonade in there. I like anything citrus-flavored, so I liked this. My only problem was that the lemonade taste was accompanied by a medicinal taste/smell that made it almost impossible to enjoy.

Not too much foam at the top, but quite a bit of residue at the bottom, so you have to keep shaking the mix in order to get it all in.

The amount of Caffeine was good for me. I was concerned with whatever ingredient(s) caused the smell/taste in the mixure, as well with under-dosing.

The energy was alright, but not enough to get a very good workout out of it. When combined with a non-stim pre, this might work much better. I feel this pre is under-dosed for today’s standards.

I will give this an 8/10 simply because it is a nostalgic preworkout. It does not really stand up to today’s standards though. I am certain that those who used it back in the day are enjoying a little deja vu.

White Flood New 2016 Formula
Furious Fruit Punch

Supplement Facts Per 1 Scoop
L-Citruline Malate: 3g
Creatine Monihydrate: 2.5g
CarnoSyn Beta Alanine: 1.5g
Betaine Anhydrous: 1.5g
Taurine: 1g
GABA: 500mg
Dicaffeine Malate: 150mg
Caffeine Anhydrous: 150mg

TASTE: 10/10
Very clean taste. No chemical trace, and no unpleasant aftertaste. Tasted better than any other Fruit Punch supplement I had ever taken. Very happy with this flavor.

Label asks for 12-16oz water. I used 14oz + 4 ice cubes. The powder mixed very well, with absolutely no foam at the top and no residue at the bottom of the glass.

I liked the combination of Dicaffeine Malate and Caffeine Anhydrous, at 150mg each. My usual sweet spot for caffeine in a pre is around 250-300mg. This was perfect for my needs. I also LOVED the fact that there wasn’t any ARTIFICIAL COLORING. I don’t need to see red in my drink in order to enjoy a Fruit Punch Flavor… LOL. I didn’t like the amount of Creatine in there. I usually get 5g/day using a Creatine Monohydrate. I would have liked to see at least 3g per scoop, to get the daily minimum in. Not a real issue since I only had one serving of this pre, but it would be somewhat annoying if I used this pre every day.

I used this serving for a push-up session. I was very sick with a nasty cold/flu that day, and had terrible sinus headaches. This pre mended my headache actually, and aided my workout session pretty well. I wanted a bit more energy for this workout, but the lack of it was probably due to my being sick. The energy was smooth. No tingles, due to no Beta Alanine in there. That was a good break from tingles. Until tomorrow. LOL

I was happy with this pre. I wish I had more servings to try with more workout sessions at the gym. I would definitely purchase a tub to try for long term.

ProMore Frosted Cinnamon Bun

Nutrition Information Per Scoop
C:125 F:1g Cbs:6g Sg:1g P:23g

TASTE: 9/10
Good taste, with a strong hint of Cinnamon Bun. I could taste a bit of starch in there, but nothing too noticeable. I liked this flavor.

The suggested amount of water per scoop is 5-10 ounces of water. I went with 6oz and an ice cube. Mixed it by hand in a shaker and drank it out of a glass. It mixes very well. I was happy with this.

The calories/protein ratio is good. You get 125 calories and 23g of Protein per scoop. I wanted to see fewer Carbs in there, since that is one macro I like to keep under 100g daily. I usually have 3-4 scoops of Protein powder daily, so at 6g/scoop it does add up. Not a big issue though.

I liked this shake. It was tasty, thick, and it gave me good macros. I would definitely use this on a regular basis.

Purple Wraath Cotton Candy

Used early in the morning, with Push-up session. Label suggests to use this before, during, after workout, so I did just that. One serving requires 20oz water.

TASTE: 9/10
I appreciated the large size, especially since I used it pre-intra-post, but the mix tasted a bit washed up to me. I usually use MORE water than the label asks for. Since I only had one packet of this, I used the suggested amount. It tasted good, but it was a bit washed up for my taste.

This powder mixes very well! I mixed in a shaker by hand, waited one minute, and poured in mason jar. No foam at the top and absolutely no residue at the bottom.

I usually prefer a preworkout that is just that: a preworkout. I felt that the attempt to make this a multi-purpose supplement resulted in a preworkout of average quality. I would probably not use it as a pre for a lifting session.

This was good for my push-up session, since I usually use a milder pre for these, and sometimes use a stim-free. Yes, there were good tingles and it gave me good energy for the workout. I think I would still prefer a pre over an energized Amino though.

I liked Purple Wraath. If I had a full tub, I would just use it as a stim Amino instead of a pre. Also, I would use LESS WATER with each serving, to get a better taste. Perhaps 16oz would work better for me.

Red Ghost Fat Incinerator

Supplement Facts Per Serving
Serving Size: 4 capsules
GABA: 500mg
Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract: 400mg
Cha-de-bugre Leaf Extract: 400mg
Bacopa Monnieri Extract: 400mg
Caffeine Anhydrous: 300mg
Cocoa Bean Extract: 250mg
Coleus F. Root Extract: 250mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract: 200mg
Horsetail Extract: 100mg
Green Tea Leaf Extract: 100mg


I had a bit of an issue with the amount of Caffeine and Green Tea Extract in there. If you’re only going to use this fat burner and use no other stim supplements, you’ll be fine. If you use other stim supplements and drink a few caffeinated drinks here and there like I do, then you might find this to be a bit high in energy ingredients. If I had a full tub of this to use, I would probably use a stim free preworkout while using it.

I took this on an empty stomach early in the morning. I gotta say that even with all that Caffeine and Green Tea in there, I didn’t feel much of a boost. In fact, I felt my stomach was somewhat upset by this, almost like the same feeling you get when you are getting hungry with stomach grumblings. I noticed this with other fat burners as well. I usually don’t eat breakfast – I am never hungry in the morning – and every time I use a fat burner I end up with the same results: my stomach is more unsettled and I almost get the same sort of stomach grumblings as if I were getting hungry. I wish I had more servings of this so I could try it later in the day, when not on an empty stomach. Maybe the results would be different.

I haven’t yet used a fat burner that I completely liked. I’ve had a few decent ones. Red Ghost was decent. There’s always some sort of issue with them, for me anyways. There’s either not enough kick to justify using them early in the morning, but the same fat burner would keep me up if I took it in the evening… I wish I had more servings of Red Ghost, in order to take it at different times in the day and properly assess it.

White Pipes Juicy Watermelon
Stim Free Pump & Endurance Enhancer

Supplement Facts Per 1 Scoop
L-Citruline Malate: 3g
Taurine: 1g
Glycerol Powder: 1g
Agmatine Sulfate: 500mg

I used this for a push-up session this morning. I am recovering from a nasty flu, so there was a lot of discomfort, especially during the last few sets. Yeah… those sets felt like death…

Here is a video of that workout:

TASTE: 8/10
The taste was decent. A good hint of Watermelon in there, but there was some other flavor I couldn’t identify. I have to say that I usually don’t like Watermelon flavors, and I would probably never buy this flavor in a supp, so my rating here might be a bit biased. The bias is based on my personal taste though, so there you have it. If you like Watermelon in a supplement, I think you might like this.

This mixes very well. I used 12oz water and mixed it in with a spoon. No foam at the top and no residue at the bottom.

For a non-stim pre, I wanted to see better dosing. I appreciated a non-stim supplement, but I wanted to see other ingredients make up for the lack of stims. I like the fact that there was no artificial coloring. No need to add more chemicals just to enhance the color.

Like I said before, I am still recovering from a nasty flu, so my workout this morning was meh… I felt White Pipes helped with endurance, especially during the last sets. I was still pretty week and felt quite sick. Some of the reps were “somewhat” complete… Still, glad I went through with 20 sets.

I liked this supplement. I wish this sample package included just one serving or some sort of measuring scoop. There are two servings in there and I am not sure I divided it equally. If the amount I used was not accurate, I am sure it affected the taste or the efficiency.

4 Commentsto REVIEWS: Controlled Labs Classic White Flood & more

  1. Andrew says:

    i would never take a weight loss pill
    that is just crazy
    why not just eat less?

    • NoCarbsNoSugar says:

      I am not into taking weight loss pills.
      I tried this because it was sent to me.
      I hated it, and it gave me stomach discomfort.
      I mentioned that in my review.
      I would never buy Red Ghost or ever pay for it.

      A healthy combination of Caloric Deficit & Exercise is the best way to go about losing weight.

  2. republic boy says:

    the promore looks tasty
    I wouldn’t use a fat burner that causes stomach discomfort

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