NutraBio IntraBlast & Reload

A few weeks back I bought two Nutrabio products in the store here.
I picked up a tub of IntraBlast (Green Apple) and a tub of Reload (Orange Mango).

NutraBio was kind enough to also send me some samples after my purchase, so I ended up trying more products from the brand. My mini-poodle was quite disappointed that nothing in the box was for him 😀

They also included a shaker in there, which I like very much. It is very sturdy, has a good grip, and looks amazing! And… it even matches my favorite socks… LOL

This review will focus on the two tubs I purchased.
I currently have 2-3 scoops left in the Reload tub.
The IntraBlast is gone – I love long bike rides on forest trails in the summer, and this summer I took a scoop of the IntraBlast with me on many a ride. Very tasty and refreshing!

The sample packets I used sporadically, so I wouldn’t be able to provide detailed and honest reviews on those.
I will share some general thoughts on those samples though, at the end of this review.


Taste: 10/10
Very clean taste! Not “chemical” at all. This was my absolute favorite feature on the two powders. I mixed 1 scoop with about 12oz filtered water.

Mixability: 9/10
Close to no foam at the top, and very little buildup at the bottom of the glass. When served in a shaker, this is not a problem at all.

Efficiency: N/A
I chose not to enter a score in this category. Not because I didn’t think these were efficient, but because personally I have mixed feelings about the need of an Intra and a Post supplement when daily Protein levels are sufficient. I just don’t see enough scientific evidence for the need of an Intra and a Post, when my daily Protein intake is around 1.5g per lbs of my bodyweight. There are enough poop posts on the forum already on this topic, and I didn’t want to add anymore to the mix. LOL…

Customer Service: 10/10
I had some questions and they were answered thoroughly. I shared some social media posts and many of them got reactions from the company itself. That was pretty cool. The best part was the generous amount and variety of samples sent out by ExtraBeef, even though he knew I wouldn’t be able to share reviews, since I was a company rep at the time.

Price: 9/10
In comparison with other similar supplements, these are a bit costly. Nothing too extravagant though. The discount offered that particular day was great though, so that helped a bit. No complains there.

Overall: 9.5/10
Overall, I was very happy with these two supplements. I would probably buy again, and I would definitely recommend to others.


I wish I wrote thoughts down when I was using the samples.
I didn’t know at the time that I would be able to write reviews on these at a later date.

My favorite feature on all these supplements was definitely THE TASTE.
This is a very clean, very fresh taste.
No chemical taste at all, and no unpleasant aftertaste.

The Pres were great!
I will probably get a full tub of the PreExtreme at some point, so I can fully assess its potency over multiple workouts.

The Proteins tasted very clean also, and mixed very well.
I mixed with 6-8oz filtered water per serving, in my NutriBullet.

Altogether, this was a very pleasant experience and I will definitely return to the brand in the future. A big Thank You to NutraBio for the extra samples!

4 Commentsto NutraBio IntraBlast & Reload

  1. Stop At The White Line says:

    NutraBio seems to be killing it lately.
    Still have to try their protein.
    Looks like a very clean profile.

    • NoCarbsNoSugar says:

      Very clean indeed.
      Their entire line is very clean!
      About to try a tub of their GrassFed Whey.
      Looking forward to it!

  2. Andrew says:

    stuff sure looks tasty

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