Dymatize Elite Casein Recipe

I don’t know what to call this 🙂
It is not a pancake, because Casein doesn’t really hold together in a frying pan the same way other protein powders do. I just called it a “Dymatize Concoction” 🙂


  • Dymatize Elite Casein X2 scoops
  • Eggs X2
  • Water X2 cups
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Cinnamon splash


  • Mix Casein, Eggs, Water until soft
  • Cook in frying pan – it will take a while
  • Cook until brown/crispy
  • Remove and add Yogurt on top
  • Add splash of Cinnamon

You should know that Casein does not hold together as a regular pancake mixture does. It will break apart, so you will have to mix it around a lot in order to make sure it cooks well.

2 Commentsto Dymatize Elite Casein Recipe

  1. shampoo king says:

    Looks incredibly delicious.
    Never tried to make pancakes out of Casein.
    I wonder how this would behave if you deep fried it…

    • NoCarbsNoSugar says:

      It really was very tasty!
      It came out with a sweet crust.
      Incredibly delicious indeed! 😀

      I can try to deep-fry some of it, but I don’t have a lot left.
      Maybe 3-4 scoops.

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