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Fit Crunch Bars & Brownies

A few days ago I purchased 4 FIT Crunch Bars (4 flavors) and 4 FIT Crunch Brownies (2 flavors). I had all bars at room temperature, and I had 2 of the the cookies at room temperature and 2 of them microwaved. The wrapper suggests the brownies are microwaved for ten seconds. Here is the entire lot I bought. It took me about a week to go through it.

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Shakin’ & Bakin’ with NutraBio

A little while ago I was lucky enough to receive a full tub of NutraBio Grass Fed Whey Isolate. A big Thank You to team NutraBio for sending this out. Here is a detailed review of this product after having gone through the entire tub.

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Pro Supps MyBar Protein Bars 3 Flavors

Never tried these before, so I picked up three of the flavors:

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REVIEWS: Controlled Labs Classic White Flood & more

A couple weeks ago, CONTROLLED LABS sent me a tub of the Classic White Flood, along with a few samples. Here are some honest reviews on these, after having used them for a few days. Thank you for sending these out!

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NutraBio IntraBlast & Reload

A few weeks back I bought two Nutrabio products in the store here.
I picked up a tub of IntraBlast (Green Apple) and a tub of Reload (Orange Mango).

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MuscleTech NitroTech Crunch Bars

MuscleTech NitroTech Crunch Bars

Last week I placed a MuscleTech order which included two boxes of NitroTech Crunch Bars and a tub of Vapor X5 PreWorkout. 

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MuscleTech Protein Cookies: 3 Flavors

Last week I placed an order for MuscleTech’s Protein Cookies.
I had never tried these before.
I ordered 12 cookies, in 3 different flavors:

• Peanut Butter Chip
• Chocolate Chip
• Triple Chocolate

First, pictures.

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Gaspari SuperPump Max

I was running out of Pres so I placed a quick order on Amazon. Gaspari has been one brand I’d had wanted to try, and this was my chance to do so. Follow along for a few days as I provide some feedback on this Pre. Read the Rest…

Dymatize – New Pre

I was lucky enough to be selected to try the new Pre from Dymatize. Follow along for a few days as I provide some feedback on this product. Read the Rest…

RSP Nutrition 2017

This will be an ongoing post about RSP Nutrition supplements.
Check in from time to time to see updates. Read the Rest…