Baked Pumba

A few weeks ago I got some frozen Wild Boar from a friend who enjoys hunting. He had returned from a hunting trip in Texas and gifted me a few hunks of Boar meat. He first cleaned them up real nice, packed them in plastic, froze them up, and then gave them to me. Here is one of the meals I made last weekend.


1. Unfreeze meat
2. Wash multiple times
3. Add condiments as shown in pictures above
4. Preheat oven at 375F
5. Bake for 165 minutes, covered

* I used the “Conventional Roast” setting on my stove

6 Commentsto Baked Pumba

  1. Alan Jackson fan says:

    I never liked game meat. Tried two or three kinds. Always a weird taste to it. Maybe the way you washed it and the way you marinaded it? It does look tasty.

  2. Just A Plane Jane says:

    that last picture… meat looks very tender

  3. Andrew says:

    you ate Pumba!

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