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MuscleTech Protein Cookies: 3 Flavors

Last week I placed an order for MuscleTech’s Protein Cookies.
I had never tried these before.
I ordered 12 cookies, in 3 different flavors:

• Peanut Butter Chip
• Chocolate Chip
• Triple Chocolate

First, pictures.

Read the Rest…

Thanks Photobucket!!!???

After many years of offering free service, Photobucket has decided to tell all their customers that they will now have to pay $399/year in order to have their photos embedded online. There are also less expensive packages that allow customers to simply store the pictures. I forget the pricing levels, but you can look it up. Read the Rest…

Dymatize Elite Casein Recipe

I don’t know what to call this 🙂
It is not a pancake, because Casein doesn’t really hold together in a frying pan the same way other protein powders do. I just called it a “Dymatize Concoction” 🙂 Read the Rest…

Gaspari SuperPump Max

I was running out of Pres so I placed a quick order on Amazon. Gaspari has been one brand I’d had wanted to try, and this was my chance to do so. Follow along for a few days as I provide some feedback on this Pre. Read the Rest…

Dymatize – New Pre

I was lucky enough to be selected to try the new Pre from Dymatize. Follow along for a few days as I provide some feedback on this product. Read the Rest…

Salad Ingredients From Costco

Went shopping at Costco the other day and got some ingredients for a fresh salad.

Here’s what I got: Read the Rest…

Vegetarian Diet Questions

Have you ever considered a Vegetarian diet? Have you ever tried it for yourself? Here are some basic questions and answers for you to consider. Read the Rest…

RSP Nutrition 2017

This will be an ongoing post about RSP Nutrition supplements.
Check in from time to time to see updates. Read the Rest…

1 Hour of Running…???

A new study published by New York Times says that running to 1 hour may add as much as SEVEN HOURS to your lifespan. Overall, the study found that individuals that run on a regular basis may increase their lifespan by at least three years. Read the Rest…

TheFitExpo Chicago 2017


Like every year, the city of Chicago will again host TheFitExpo.
What is TheFitExpo? Follow along with this ongoing post to learn more about it.
Excited about sports, nutrition, and supplements?
If you are, then TheFitExpo is for you. Read the Rest…

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